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#GreatPicPR No2

Our second winner of the is Sarah Hipwell. See more of Sarah’s images here

#GreatPicPR No1

Congratulations to Pam O’Brien who is the inaugural winner of our #GreatPicPR Hashtag. To read more about Pam check out her website here

About the #GreatPicPR

Have you taken a great picture that you want to show everyone. Tweet it with with the hashtag #GreatPicPR any Wednesday. We will select one image each week taken by a professional photographer and award it “Pic of the Week”. No catches, no fees...

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Photographing an Olympian – Julian Thomas by Alex Styles

Photographing an Olympian – Julian Thomas by Alex Styles

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In August we asked photographers to share any images they had of Olympians. Alex Styles, a portrait photographer based in Wolverhampton, sent us a fabulous photograph of British Olympian Julian Thomas. We really liked the image and took the time to ask Alex a few questions regarding the shoot and resulting image.


PicReach: How did you get to photograph an Olympian?

Alex: I had Julian turn up to the studio for a shoot with his girlfriend at the time.. We got chatting about how he was a professional athlete and it...

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Photographing the Olympics

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Ever wonder what goes into planning the photographic coverage of a big event like the Olympics. Reuters have produced this short video which will give you some insight.



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The Power of the Image

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This story reminds us just how important photographers are to families the world over.

Before March 2011 Becci Manson was retouching images of models with “perfect skin” . In the wake of the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami, mixed into the wreckage were lost and damaged photos of families and loved ones. Becci, together with local volunteers and a global group of colleagues she recruited online, helped clean and fix them, restoring those memories to their owners.

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The Importance of Good Picture Editing

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Maeve Binchy, who died recently, was a best selling author and at one time woman’s editor of the Irish Times. She was not however a very good picture editor. Put the kettle on, make a brew and take five minutes to listen as she recounts a story about the Veal Casserole – it will bring a smile to your face.


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IPPA show support for PicReach Project

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PicReach is a new project designed to assist people share great images and promote professional photography in the process. In order to succeed we need the support of the industry. Today, following some key presentations, the Irish Professional Photographers Association have given us a great boost by including a piece on PicReach in their monthly newsletter. Read the piece here:-

Here is the original newsletter.

We are very grateful to the IPPA for their support and encouraged that they have recognised...

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Photographers pay tribute to Olympians

Photographers pay tribute to Olympians

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Buncrana Camera Club is a young camera club based in county Donegal, in the north west of Ireland

Back a couple of months they decided they wanted to pay a “wee tribute” to Irish Olympians competing in London 2012.

On Tuesday night 10 hardy photographers set off after midnight armed with matches, wire wool, cameras and ladders. They spent approximately 90 minutes on Crana Bridge shooting the specular image below. We think it is super tribute and worthy of mention here.

Well done Buncrana – Take a bow


To celebrate London...

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Singer sues historian over alleged depiction as alcoholic

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A traditional Irish singer is suing Professor Diarmaid Ferriter arguing that the cover of the academic’s book on the Pioneers, an Irish Teetotaller movement, depicts him as an alcoholic.

Tim Lyons, from Athenry, Co.Galway, claims a photograph of him with two pints of stout on the paperback cover of “A Nation of Extremes – The Pioneers in the Twentieth Century Ireland depicts him as an alcoholic.


More via Irish Independent


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Why only pros

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Got an email earlier  from a photographer asking why he couldn’t  post photographs because he is an amateur. He was upset and felt we are disrespecting him by not allowing him share his great (and they are) images with PicReach visitors. We want to assure anyone who is upset not to be. We love photo lovers and amateurs and really want them to become part of the site. We hope to write informative articles for them and do amazing interviews with photographers and equipment makers. But we...

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