Known Issues and Feedback

Known Issues

  • The drill down in search isn’t working – at the deeper levels
  • Intermittent issue uploading images – results in the image not displaying
  • Confirmation on Free Pro Account not working – but the system will process your order so don’t worry.
  • The original logo uploaded with the listing is knocked out by new image uploaded
  • Small issue on USA Accounts – only Everywhere or one Alabama – we will sort for you.
  • Join via FB and Twitter
  • Join as a PhotoLover – Not Working
  • Social Media Buttons on Site
  • Link to Blog in Footer just goes to blank page
  • Delete button for listing images.
  • Edit on “edit image” not updating
  • Offer submission – presented with every location


  • Bulk uploader would be nice
    Yes, it would. Not as easy as it sounds, as have to integrate with a. Generating multiple thumbnails in different sizes and b. Allow only the number of images permitted for each listing/gallery. 
    Have made some adjustments as follows:

    • When a listing/gallery is added, it is now published privately. This means that the user can preview it.
    • Images are added AFTER the listing/gallery is posted, so in the confirmation there are two links – one to add images, one to preview the item added.
    • This has the major advantage that all image uploads are now handled by a single page, so if a solution for multi-image uploads becomes available, it will be a relatively easy fix.
  • Necessary to show file name?
    From what I understand the filename can help with SEO but I will check with those who know better. It is also important to add a concise description in galleries and a caption for each photo as this is used for meta data.” AM
    Because every image has its own dedicated page, with additional content, it is required that we have – and show – an image title. If an image has a title in the exif data, and no alternative title is added, then the exif title is used. I have now written an additional script that generates a title when there is no title entered and no exif data or no title in the exif  data. But ideally a hand written title is best for both users and SEO, ditto a good caption at least.
  • Featured Images in Blog Post – If they are by a photographer can we credit and link back to their listing.
    Have made it so that the image has no link at all. You can add credit and link in the post text.