My Favorite Photo: Alan Murphy

My Favorite Photo: Alan Murphy
Posted on 30th May, by SabrinaDent in Snapped. No Comments

Irish photographer Alan Murphy submitted this photo, Dogs Dinner, that seems almost out of time. He explains:

“I love to walk with my camera and see what happens. On this occasion I was walking in a little village of Newcastle, Co. Wicklow in the early afternoon. A half door was open on a small cottage and, as is my way, I chatted with the gentleman who was watching the world pass him by. I was interested in his face and after asking him snapped a few frames as he stood in the door. He invited me into his home and offered me a cup of tea. As we supped our tea we talked further and he lay his dinner of bacon and cabbage out in front of him. At times as we chatted  I was photographing but he didn’t mind – in fact he enjoyed the experience. Out of the series this is my favourite shot. It says a lot to me and I just love the way the dog is sitting by his masters side.

It hangs in my office now and it reminds me to leave the desk and computer every now and again because I know I can’t take images like it from here”

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