Photographing an Olympian – Julian Thomas by Alex Styles

Photographing an Olympian – Julian Thomas by Alex Styles
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In August we asked photographers to share any images they had of Olympians. Alex Styles, a portrait photographer based in Wolverhampton, sent us a fabulous photograph of British Olympian Julian Thomas. We really liked the image and took the time to ask Alex a few questions regarding the shoot and resulting image.


PicReach: How did you get to photograph an Olympian?

Alex: I had Julian turn up to the studio for a shoot with his girlfriend at the time.. We got chatting about how he was a professional athlete and it kind of went from there… We decided to shoot Julain on location and discussed lighting and composition in advance.

What equipment did you bring to shoot?

We shot the images with a Digital Hasselblad-HD30 with 80mm lens… 3 Profoto Heads with 2x Bowens Heads for backup.  We also had a range of Nikon and Canon bodies and lenses on site at our disposal if needed.

How did you set up the shot  - Lights, Camera, Lens choice?

The camera was mounted on a tripod as we had to comp the shot together in post after due to lighting etc. We rim lit Julian to give that edgy dynamic lighting effect you see in the shot.

Did it happen first time, did you have alternatives? Why did this image get selected.

We planned the shoot way in advance so kind of knew we wanted a shot of him shooting straight out of the blocks.. he was so quick and glad we had the Hasselblad as we shot it at 1/800 with the strobe lights.

Were there difficult/unique challenges that had to be overcome at the shoot.

The lighting was tricky as the shoot was all day light was changing all the time… we were using a trial and error approach to light the background of the shot for the comp after.

Where was the image used?

The image was purely used for our portfolio and Julian’s website and has not been commissioned anywhere as of yet.

Tell us a little about your studio…..

My studio is based in Wolverhampton… 5 mins from the train station which is great as we have models coming from all over the place to shoot with us. It’s a really ideal space and has lots of natural lighting. We shoot everything from high end fashion to product photography and it gives us a feel good fun experience to work in.



Images Copyright Alex Styles Photography


See Alex’s PicReach Profile here.


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