Why only pros

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A beautiful wedding image by Photographic Memory

Got an email earlier  from a photographer asking why he couldn’t  post photographs because he is an amateur. He was upset and felt we are disrespecting him by not allowing him share his great (and they are) images with PicReach visitors. We want to assure anyone who is upset not to be. We love photo lovers and amateurs and really want them to become part of the site. We hope to write informative articles for them and do amazing interviews with photographers and equipment makers. But we never set out to create another photo sharing site for everyone -flickr and 500px  do that too well. What we really want to do is create a showcase site for professional photographers where the best can rise to the top – and that is where all our members can help us – show your appreciation for great photography when you see it and the good professionals will reap the rewards.

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